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The Leading Physical to Digital Marketing Solution

The patented Connect-To-Web key is a unique way of bridging physical media to the digital world.

This interactive print medium engages recipients with content online, then connects them online to learn more. Just plug it into a USB port to seamlessly launch any URL.  This proprietary technology allows marketers to create personalized online experiences whilst tracking campaign performance in real time. With a core focus on understanding the consumer journey, Connect-To-Web has


As the webkey market leader, our ability to develop effective, quality and value driven solutions is unparalleled.

How Does It Work?


When the Connect-To-Web key is plugged into a USB port, it automatically launches the computer’s default browser and connects with Connect-To-Web key’s secure managed server. Our server recognises the Connect-To-Web key unique ID and matches this to the appropriate destination URL, redirecting the user to the site, which will load in their browser. This whole process is virtually invisible to the user and takes place in a matter of seconds.


The Connect-To-Web key launches a website without the user having to touch a button or click on pop-ups, and is compatible with the broadest range of operating systems. This seamless experience is made possible by a technology called Keyboard Emulation. When the Connect-To-Web key is plugged in it emulates a series of keyboard strokes that instruct the computer to launch the browser and connect to our secure server.


Alternative technologies often require the user to deal with pop-up dialogue boxes and work with fewer operating systems. Connect-To-Web uses patented Keyboard Emulation technology to guarantee the best possible user experience.


If things change in your marketing campaign, so can the destination of your Connect-To-Web key. The server redirect process allows us to make a simple update to our database to redirect your Connect-To-Web keys to a new URL, up to a limit of 450 characters.  This gives you peace of mind our innovative, patented technology can adapt and evolve with your campaign in real-time.


Where other ‘direct launch’ webkeys, “hard-burn” the destination URL on to the webkey, and once it’s programmed, these can’t be changed.

Tracking Platform

Each Connect-To-Web key has a unique ID, and every time it passes through the server, it leaves a record of when, from where and how many times it has been used. This insight powers Connect-To-Web Tracking Platform – an advanced reporting platform which we have developed to provide a clear picture of engagement.


The unique ID function also allows Connect-To-Web keys to be batched into test cells so you can track the response rates for different target groups, distribution channels or creative executions within Connect-To-Web Tracking Platform. By assigning Connect-To-Web key ID’s to specific recipients, it is also possible to track user behavior to the level of the individual. This microscopic view of user activity is made possible by Connect-To-Web’s patented unique ID feature.


Connect-To-Web’s managed server process means we do not need to handle private client data. The only data stored on the Connect-To-Web key is its unique ID and the address of our server. The server itself simply hosts an anonymous database containing Connect-To-Web key IDs, destination URLs, and a log of traffic. Our server is certified McAfee Secure and undergoes daily, comprehensive site scanning to test for more than 10,000 security vulnerabilities.


The server runs in a fully managed hosting environment which is constantly monitored and maintained to ensure 100% uptime. Our hosting partner guarantees robust backup systems and a high level of security using dedicated Cisco hardware firewalls.

Average Response Rates

Traditional Print Direct Mail Response Rates
3The average response rate to Direct Mail is 2.61% - according to research by the DMA of 1,122 industry-specific campaigns.
Connect-To-Web Direct Mail Response Rates
25By utilising our innovative, patented technology, Connect-To-Web keys integrated in printed brochures, letters or postcards, can achieve up to 46% response rates. The average response rates from Direct Mail campaigns using our Connect-To-Web keys is 17% - 25%. Connect-To-Web keys patented technology drives your customers from traditional physical media, to the digital online media in an instant. The response rates speak for themselves vs traditional Direct Mail campaigns!