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Oxygen Promotions are the experts in delivering the highest quality Video Flyers available, in the shortest time possible. Clients engage our expertise in manufacturing Video Flyers for advertising campaigns, with the shortest deadlines, and we deliver every time!

Made To Impress

Video Flyers are a new concept for promotional products.  They showcase your brand in a high tech printed brochure form. When you open the brochure, it comes to life with a video playing inside the LCD screen sharing your key communications with your audience in a dynamic, visual form that has far greater level of engagement than a conventional brochure.


Ideal for multi-sensory marketing, pitch documents, personal video greeting cards, video brochures, video business cards, promotional video players, direct video mailers, video physician mailers, visual sales aid, pharmaceutical marketing sales aids, video flyers, branded print campaigns, product educational multimedia brochures, audio & video in print media.

Standard Specifications

Our video mailers come with the standard features that can be fully customized if required:

  • 256mb Flash Memory Capacity
  • 2 Hour Rechargable Battery
  • Custom Printed CMYK 350gsm Board With Matt or Gloss Laminate



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